Olivia – Twins Postnatal

“Rupa has been indispensible! From the moment we met at our initial introduction, she has been kind, supportive and reliable. She has helped care for the twins, offering advice, guidance and much-needed reassurance in a way which has been totally respectful and non-intrusive. I am a very confident mother but in the deepest moments of sleep-deprivation and stress, she has been there to suggest possible solutions, remind me of things I may have forgotten in the newborn fog and also constantly tells me what a fantastic job I’m doing as a mama, which is so important. I would recommend her to any new mother (first time or otherwise) without hesitation”.

Jess – Birth & Postnatal Support

Rupa our Doula. I was looking for a doula that had experience dealing with assisting women of Black ethnicity due to the discrepancies between the white and black maternal mortality rates and the experience of black women during labour in the UK. I remember during one of our antenatal appointments Rupa asking us if we wanted post partum support and we were confident we wouldn’t really need any.

Well it’s safe to say we couldn’t have been more wrong, Rupa was the person with me during my 24+ hrs of labour when Carlos was rushing to get back, Rupa saved our breastfeeding journey coming over after 11pm one night when we were lost, Rupa kept us all sane and definitely helped shape us into the parents we are. We couldn’t have done it without her.

She was there for Eden’s first bath and so many other firsts. Rupa will forever be part of our family and if we have another, she’s moving in for a few weeks!”

Octavia – Postnatal Support

“Super doula Rupa! Rupa came into our home when my second was just 6 weeks old to help whilst my husband was abroad with work. In less than a week she had helped my get G into a great routine and helped me work out how to manage temporarily being a single parent of two under 3. The house was clean and tidy and she was fun of tips and advice. Rupa was also great company in what could have been a very lonely 4 weeks, looking after me as well as my children, ensuring we are all fed and watered! Couldn’t recommend her more highly”.

Beth – Birth & Postnatal Support

When I went into labour on my due date, Rupa’s support as she entered the room was something I’ll never forget. How she immediately held me very firmly was a great reassurance, that feeling that she would be strong enough to speak for me and push for my preferences, even if I couldn’t. 

I was so fortunate to have a home birth with minimal intervention, just as I had wished for, and had Rupa’a amazing support the entire day and well into the evening. 

Postnatally, the support Rupa gave myself and my family was just incredible – I will never stop singing her praises! This was a really tough time and Rupa was so helpful from the second she arrived each day, her flexibility and adaptability to help with whatever we needed, rest and recover both physically and mentally.”